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Automatic Button Toilet Seat Cover System

In our daily life, we spend most of our time at workplaces, restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. This is the reason why public restrooms become an important necessity. Unfortunately, in those public places rise serious hygiene issues. Although many cleaning products as well as paper cover are used to fix this problem, the results are stil unsuccessful and the hygiene issue is creating a snowball effect. Moreover, when we take into consideration the waste of time, water, and labor; costs reach a very serious dimension. Besides, even when cleaning is done, many of us avoid contact with the toilet seat by putting paper towels or standing up.

Operating Areas

Product features

Does not grow any bacteria...

Through the specially designed roll, it prevents the growth of any germs or bacteria.


The chip inserted knows how much it should turn each time providing a hygienic surface.


Each time you press the button a new anti-bacterial roll is covering your seat so you will be the first touse it.


To prevent unnecessary usage, once the button is being pressed, a duration of 20 seconds must elapse. If not, even if you press repetitively, the closet won't function.

Works through electricity and adaptor…

Works through converting 220V electric current into 12V by it’s enhanced adaptor. Does not cause any danger in wet floors.

Do More for Your Hygiene

Anywhere That Requires Hygiene, economy and prestige Tottolet is:

Compatible with all type of toilet designs

Easy to install and easy to use

Concenient to use with or without top cover